An online Hotels & airlines booking system that allows customers to book and pay with TRIPTO and other digital currencies.


You have received loyalty points for staying in a hotel and planned to.use your loyalty voucher in another tourist destination.

About ITDN

Today, the basis of most successful businesses is on the organization of entities in the shape of partnerships or “networks.”

As a result, the existence of a comprehensive global tourism network including complete detailed information about the world’s tourism regions, international airlines, tourism service companies, hotels, resorts, and the like in different parts of the world that can intelligently accelerate and manage communication between tourism service companies, airlines, hotels, and tourists is essential.

The International Tourism Development Network LTD is registered in the UK on September 2021 after obtaining the necessary permits and started its official activity thereafter.

  • Utilization of blockchain technology to develop the international tourism network.
  • Establishment of intelligent network and exclusive cryptocurrency (TRIPTO) to facilitate financial exchanges related to the tourism industry.
  • Building and developing intelligent apps for online viewing, comparing, and booking hotels and accommodations connected to the ITDN network around the world.

About Tripto

TRIPTO is Blockchain-based; its purpose is to increase the use of blockchain technology in the tourism industry, a cryptocurrency in the tourism industry for secure and easy payments, TRIPTO ​wants to be known and available as much as possible to all tourists and tourism industry activists worldwide.

TRIPTO solves the main challenges of financial transactions in the tourism industry to a large extent and eliminates the complex and expensive dependencies of the SWIFT network.

  • TRIPTO will revolutionize the tourism industry.
  • TRIPTO does not have restrictions on banking transactions.
  • TRIPTO solves the problem of carrying cash and credit cards.

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Why Buy Tripto

TRIPTO is the only exclusive token in the tourism industry that has a meaningful development program.

TRIPTO is a cryptocurrency in the tourism industry for secure and easy payments.

TRIPTO can be very invaluable even with a small share of the tourism industry turnover.

TRIPTO does not have restrictions on banking transactions & solves the problem of carrying cash and credit cards.


the process of our program








  • Idea and market research
  • Project design
  • Network registration
  • Preparing white paper & website
  • Token protocol creation
  • Open smart contract to public
  • TRIPTO supply & sale
  • Listing on major cryptocurrencies data authority
  • Advertising development
  • Token development
  • Trip app development
  • Trip card development
  • Launching TRIP booking app
  • Issuance of TRIP CARD
  • Listing on another exchanges
  • Develop cooperation with tourism companies
  • Registration of tourism partners in the ITDN Network.


The Tripto project is owned by ITDN, which has been legally registered in the UK after receiving the necessary permits. The Tripto project, unlike many blockchain projects, is not affiliated with individuals. As we have seen in the past, many blockchain projects whose team has been dependent on a specific or limited individual or individuals have failed due to the severance of the individual from the project. By learning from these projects, we have come to the conclusion that we should not limit the development team to individuals and always use the best in our team. Therefore, we will always be upgrading the project team and its information will be updated on the company's website.